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No Confrontation Clause Violation from Lab Test Testimony (access required)

Testimony by the commonwealth’s medical expert citing a lab test that showed a child sex abuse victim had a sexually-transmitted disease did not violate defendant’s rights under the Confrontation Clause, as reports created for medical treatment purposes are nontestimonial; the ...

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Brain-Scan Suit Timely Under ‘Continuing Treatment’ Rule (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia applies the “continuing treatment” rule and says a woman who had seven brain scans performed and interpreted by defendant radiology practice group from 2002 through 2005 for pain and numbness in the right side of ...

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Med-mal claim against radiology group reinstated (access required)

A divided Supreme Court of Virginia has held that six MRIs performed by a radiology group over three years amounted to continuous treatment of a woman who suffered from numbness and pain on the right side of her face. Because ...

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Courts committees set process for filling judicial vacancies (access required)

David B. Albo, chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee, has asked the Virginia State Bar to vet additional candidates to fill two vacancies on the Supreme Court of Virginia. Karen A. Gould, executive director of the VSB, said ...

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