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The Empty Chair (access required)

Empty Chair in an Interrogation Room

Despite a plea from trial lawyers for guidance on when a defendant can cast blame on outsiders in a tort case, the Supreme Court of Virginia’s latest ruling on the issue of superseding cause is unlikely to resolve the issue. ...

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Rear-ender by tow truck caused mild TBA, permanent problems – $800,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear-ended by a tow truck on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She was medically evacuated by helicopter to Norfolk General Hospital where she was diagnosed. She suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with personality changes, memory diffi­culty ...

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Judge could not block revival of lawsuit (access required)


A dormant lawsuit – abandoned by the parties for four years – could be revived by the plaintiff by following a prescribed reinstatement procedure despite a judge’s misgivings. That was the ruling of the Supreme Court of Virginia, an outcome ...

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Seven seek seat on high court (access required)


Seven people – four judges, two lawyers in private practice and a law professor – have been seeking bar endorsements for a pending seat on the Supreme Court of Virginia. Justice LeRoy F. Millette Jr. will be retiring from the ...

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