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No Liquidated Damages Under Implied Contract (access required)

A company that provided management services to appellants, two owners of commercial properties, in accordance with the owners’ earlier management services agreements with prior related vendors, had an implied-in-fact contract with the owners for continued management services; however, that implied-in-fact ...

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High court sets aside $5.75M legal malpractice verdict – Verdict Set Aside (access required)

This case began for the defendant trial firm in mid-2007 when plaintiff concluded that the decision of the Supreme Court of Virginia a year earlier in Cox v. Geary, 271 Va. 141 (2006), opened the door for him to bring ...

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Lawyer can’t tap firm’s auto policy for accident (access required)


A Washington lawyer who did some legal work at his Virginia home was nonetheless not covered by his law firm’s auto insurance policy for an accident on the way to the office that left another man seriously injured. The decision ...

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