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Labor – FLSA – Overtime Pay – Collective Action Status (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court grants plaintiffs’ motion for Collective Action Status in their suit for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act against defendant plumbing company. Plaintiffs assert they and other laborers were not paid overtime wages for ...

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Labor – FLSA – Overtime Pay – Settlement Rejection – Confidentiality (access required)

An Abingdon U.S. District Court rejects settlement agreements between two employees and defendant employer for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime pay provisions. Plaintiffs sued on the ground they did not fall within the executive exemption contained in ...

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Labor – FLSA – Overtime Pay – Executive Exemption (access required)

Although plaintiff served as a store “manager” in defendant Dollar General Store’s retail operation, there are genuine issues of material fact over her duties as a manager, and whether employer can qualify for the “executive exemption” from the requirement for ...

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Labor – Airline Pilots – Arbitration – Adjustment Board (access required)

The Railway Labor Act does not permit an airline pilots’ union to compel several airlines, the airlines’ holding company and another union, to establish and arbitrate before a multi-employer, multi-union board of adjustment, and the 4th Circuit holds that plaintiff’s ...

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