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Labor – Arbitration – Coal Miner Health Benefits (access required)

The Power Mountain Coal Company cannot overturn an arbitration award that allows two former coal miners to collect retirement health benefits under a collective bargaining agreement Power Mountain took on when it purchased the plant where the miners had worked; ...

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Labor – Retiree Health Benefits – Pretrial Rulings – Witness Disclosure (access required)

In anticipation of trial of this dispute between the UAW and Volvo Trucks North America over retiree health benefits under union contracts, an Abingdon U.S. District Court says plaintiffs violated federal discovery rules with untimely disclosure of 22 challenged witnesses, ...

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Labor – ERISA – Pension Fund Contributions (access required)

In this suit by a union pension fund for unpaid contributions, interest, damages and attorney’s fees from defendant employer under ERISA and the LMRA, pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement, an Alexandria U.S. District Court adopts a magistrate judge’s recommendation ...

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Labor – FLSA – Travel Time – Office To Job Site – Glass Installer (access required)

Although employer admits that plaintiff glass installer is not paid for travel time when he returns a company vehicle from a job site at the end of the day, a Charlottesville U.S. District Court says plaintiff is not entitled to ...

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