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Antique Vehicle Collection is Illegal Junk Yard (access required)

Although a property owner says the antique vehicle collection on his Fairfax County property is his hobby, the Fairfax Circuit Court upholds the Board of Zoning Appeals decision that the collection is an illegal junk yard under the local zoning ...

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Court Stays Decision on Vested Rights (access required)

Although the Prince William County Circuit Court has independent authority to decide a vested rights controversy raised by two letters issued by the zoning administrator, the court chooses not to exercise this authority at this time and will stay further ...

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‘Spiritual counselor’ means business, court says

A self-described “spiritual counselor” has lost her federal-court bid to avoid regulation as a business by Chesterfield County. Patricia Moore-King uses the trade name “Psychic Sophie,” and offers Tarot card readings and psychic and clairvoyant readings, in person, live online, ...

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Center’s Extra Services Violated Ordinance (access required)

A counseling center that has a non-residential use permit has violated the local zoning ordinance by offering additional services such as laundry, personal care facilities and meals to its clients, and the Fairfax Circuit Court reverses the decision of the ...

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Multiple Banners Do Not Satisfy ‘Flag’ Ordinance (access required)

The multiple banners flying from nine poles on defendant’s property may bear 13 alternating red and white stripes and 50 stars, but they do not constitute a United States “flag” as defined in federal Executive Order 10834, and a Hanover ...

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Prohibitory Injunction Issued for Zoning Violation (access required)

Although the Notice of Violation overstated the appeal period for the charged violations of having more than five unrelated persons in a single-family dwelling and letting rooms for a boarding house, the plain error did not render the Notice null ...

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