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Prime Rate: Few new law hires score top salary (access required)


The six-figure salary with a desk in a tall, downtown office building is a prize that seems ever more elusive for new law school graduates as the law firm legal market changes. The shrinking pool of high dollar entry-level legal ...

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Accident victim seeks access to firm’s liability policy (access required)

Phone on seat

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to consider whether a lawyer is on the job and covered by his law firm’s insurance when he’s driving to work with his cellphone ready for work-related calls. The outcome could determine whether ...

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Home Grown: Largest firms pick new partners mostly from within (access required)

Farm Field Attys

Virginia’s top law firms look to home-grown talent when it comes to picking partners, judging by the crop of lawyers who made partner during 2013. The harvest is thinning, however. The top 10 firms in the 2014 edition of Virginia ...

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