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When interviewing, use a defensive hiring strategy (access required)


Employers are well served to develop a strategy for hiring. One strategy may be the “defensive hiring process.” Although the name sounds bad, the strategy itself is sound. Defensive hiring allows the company to identify the most qualified candidates for ...

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Budgeting for your practice’s lean months (access required)


January sucks. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it’s not just me. I’ve talked to other solos or small-firm lawyers, and almost all of them have said the same thing. January sucks. It’s not ...

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The ins and outs of family leave (access required)


Lawyers often run right up to a deadline before they file a pleading. But dealing with doctor-provided deadlines may require some flexibility, when it comes to planning to take family leave from a law practice. Attorney Anthony Cotton, of Waukesha, ...

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Firm partners must be more than just players (access required)


Like all driven professionals, law-firm partners sometimes can disappoint when it comes to dealing with colleagues’ personal problems. The reason is simple and more than understandable when seen in the context of everyday life: When a potential issue emerges, the ...

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The stress-free law practice (access required)


Many of you saw the headline of this column and thought one of two things: “That is absolutely impossible” or “Yes, I want that.” I am fairly certain that a completely stress-free law practice is not possible, any more than ...

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