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Making an elder law practice more efficient

The first and most important step in promoting efficiency is to know your practice areas well. A close second is to aggressively provide training for everyone in your office. Successful firms understand that they must invest in their people, their ...

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Thought for the New Year: ‘Not your father’s legal marketplace’ (access required)

“This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” You may recall that famous advertising slogan from the 1980s. One could use a similar phrase when describing today’s legal marketplace. Changes in billing methods, improvements in technology, a turbulent economy and the globalization ...

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How to protect your practice from difficult clients (access required)

Keeping control of clients who become difficult to manage and making sure you filter out the not-so-good clients in the first place are essential to maintaining a successful law practice and holding on to your sanity. This can be especially ...

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Employers face risk if rules on work use of personal devices aren’t clear (access required)

Employers are increasingly allowing their employees to use their own laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices for work purposes – and that is creating a plethora of potential legal issues. Employment defense lawyers say that every business should have ...

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Rethinking the roles of your support staff (access required)

The old school model for staffing in a small law firm was often one secretary or legal assistant per lawyer, perhaps with some additional help from a receptionist or billing clerk. Under this model, the firm’s core delivery of legal ...

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