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Document assembly for lawyers (access required)

Lawyers have always been interested in better ways to produce legal documents and correspondence. Even before computers, memory typewriters allowed lawyers to reuse forms without retyping the entire document. It sounds like something from the Stone Age, but many practicing ...

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The faces of law firm financial impropriety (access required)

Financial fraud should, in theory, never be a concern for a law firm, where ethical considerations must predominate. After all, Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4 states clearly that “[i]t is professional misconduct for a lawyer to … commit a criminal ...

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Harassment causes stress, costs money (access required)

There are as many sources of workplace stress as there are different types of tasks to do and people to do them. Sometimes, the workplace pressures and the personality differences coalesce and cause a particular employee to perceive bullying on ...

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Managing a law firm practice group (access required)

Lawyers may wonder whether they are able to manage a law firm practice group and still manage to practice law. The practice group structure has become an accepted organizational model in many law firms. Such groups can also be called ...

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