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12 tips to help you manage your time (access required)

How often have you wished for the day to be a bit longer? You can’t add hours to the day, but some simple time-management techniques can help you use those hours efficiently. Editors at our sister paper in the Show-Me State, ...

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Lawyers communicating across generations (access required)

Good communication skills are essential for lawyers. But in a multi-generational, increasingly technological world, how should lawyers stay in touch with their clients, colleagues and opposing counsel? A recent study showed a generational gap in how different age groups prefer ...

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What employers see on job interviews (access required)

In law practice, as in other fields, employment remains a buyer’s market. The supply of available workers outweighs the demand for them, and with hundreds of candidates vying for each open job, employers have their pick. “Employers are plowing through ...

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Billing problems due to communication issues (access required)

If your firm billed a client several months ago and has not yet been paid, assume that there is a problem. That problem may be external, because the economy is still soft and credit conditions are still tight. The client’s ...

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