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VSB approves adjuster talk with plaintiff’s lawyer (access required)

The Virginia State Bar has approved an advisory ethics opinion that says unless a plaintiff’s lawyer knows that a defense lawyer represents the insured and the insurance carrier, the plaintiff’s lawyer may talk to an insurance adjuster without the defense ...

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Insurance defense bar questions adjuster LEO (access required)

The Virginia State Bar is proposing to give a green light to plaintiffs’ lawyers talking directly with insurance adjusters, but tort defense lawyers are signaling caution. The Virginia Association of Defense Lawyers warns about unintended consequences and oversimplification of the ...

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Draft LEO: Plaintiff is not required to indemnify liens (access required)

Trial lawyers are cheering and the defense bar and at least one corporation are booing a proposed Legal Ethics Opinion on lawyers’ obligations for unpaid liens in personal injury cases. LEO 1858, as drafted, says it is unethical for a ...

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Proposed LEO would give Medicare lien protection (access required)

A proposed Virginia legal ethics opinion provides plaintiffs’ lawyers with new ammunition in the battle for protection from Medicare liens in personal injury settlements. Insurance companies and the plaintiffs’ bar have tussled as each side sought a shield against exposure ...

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When cocktail party chatter turns legal, lawyers seek ‘safe harbor’ (access required)

It’s a scene familiar to every lawyer. You’re at a cocktail party, introduced all around, when someone asks what you do for a living. As soon as you acknowledge your profession, some stranger hits you with a legal question. As ...

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