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Nine reasons to write a Top 10 (access required)


The buzz phrase of the day is “content is king,” and you’ve no doubt been urged by your marketing staff to write an article, newsletter or blog post. If you’re like most lawyers, you agree that it’s a good idea, ...

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Find the marketing opportunities in your community (access required)


Your local community can reveal big clues about its legal needs. By learning what is important to, needed by and/or lacking in your community, you can tailor your services to meet residents’ needs and open up new opportunities for your ...

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Another 10 ways to guarantee your press release is toast (access required)


Lawyers and law firms have news, and journalists – print, broadcast and online – are always looking for news. It’s a classic. Seems like an easy combination to put together, right? The simple press release is one of the tried-and-true ...

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To win clients, you must play the networking game (access required)


Establishing a strong network is a key component to developing business. It sets the stage for more client work and referrals. It’s therefore highly advantageous to your practice to attend events, meet new contacts and raise your visibility as part ...

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Face your fear of client feedback — and reap the benefits (access required)


While preparing to give a workshop on how to get client feedback, I revisited the wisdom of asking your clients to prepare an attorney “report card.” Requesting feedback  remains relevant (if not more so) to today’s world. And worse, attorneys ...

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Four tips on how to cross-sell more effectively (access required)


Business flows into law firms through any number of channels, and there is a myriad of ways to market legal services. Unfortunately, one of the most accessible methods of business development historically has had trouble gaining traction: cross-selling. Lawyers often ...

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Cut through the noise to reach your clients (access required)


Your clients have so many choices when it comes to legal representation. Their inbox is full, the networking events are crowded, the noise is deafening, and the competition is overwhelming. So how can you stay top-of-mind without getting lost in ...

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