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Tips on guest blogging (access required)

Guest blogging is a good way for small firm and solo lawyers to show their expertise and market their firm at the same time. While it helps to already have your own established blog, lawyers who don’t have time to ...

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Using a new LinkedIn feature to market your firm (access required)

LinkedIn has recently launched a new feature hoping to meet the marketing needs of lawyers, even those who have been hesitant to embrace Web 2.0. Company Pages are similar to individual LinkedIn profiles, but for companies or firms. They are ...

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What rainmakers know about persistence (access required)

Building professional relationships is critical in selling legal services, and one of the key ingredients in building professional relationships is persistence. To illustrate that point, one recent study found that, on average, corporate counsel need to be asked up to ...

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Marketing your brand in the current economy (access required)

It is hard to have a brand when lawyers try to be all things to all potential clients. That’s especially true in the current economic climate, since it is hard to turn down work. Yet if lawyers knew what their ...

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Marketing: Gather ‘competitive intelligence’ (access required)

Lawyers who want to develop new business need to learn everything they can about potential new clients and practice areas. But they don’t have to turn to cloak-and-dagger corporate espionage. Lawyers can gain a competitive advantage by learning how to ...

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