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Save yourself some computer time: Take a shortcut (access required)

Man on computer

Looking for a few shortcuts in programs you use all the time? You’re not alone. From desktop-support staff to in-trial technology-support specialists, lawyers are turning more and more to their counterparts in the IT department for guidance on everything from ...

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Turning expert witnesses’ data into meaningful testimony (access required)

Attorney speaking to jury

Lawyers care about an expert’s credentials, how the expert’s opinions support their case, and the expert’s ability to withstand cross-examination. Experts care about their reputation and how to balance objectivity with assisting their client’s case. Jurors just want to figure ...

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Redefining expert witness credibility for juries (access required)

Juries routinely dismiss expert testimony due to credibility problems, incomprehensibility, or simply because it is cancelled out by another expert’s testimony. This leads to a number of important questions for the attorney and the expert in presenting testimony at trial. ...

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What neuroscience says about how jurors use evidence (access required)

Winning quarterbacks learn to read defenses, score touchdowns and win games by running hundreds of plays and throwing thousands of passes every year. As with muscular and even intellectual skill, our brains also learn emotions and form our own idiosyncratic ...

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