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Doctor tied off wrong vein during pancreas operation – Settlement (access required)

The decedent was inci­dentally diagnosed with a suspected cancerous mass in his pancreas in Septem­ber 2012. The cancer was totally confined within the head of the pancreas, without metastases. The decedent submitted to a pancreaticoduodenec­tomy (also known as a Whipple ...

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Staff infection: Patient claims medical worker spread illness (access required)

Delivery Room FEA

A new mother can sue an obstetrical practice for allegedly infecting her with streptococcus during treatment by an infected staff member, a Fairfax Circuit Court has ruled. In May 2013, the mother fell ill after her discharge from the hospital. ...

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Plastic surgeon removes too much tissue in procedures – $1,800,000 Verdict (access required)

A 57-year-old woman with a history of failed gastric bypass under­went a breast reduc­tion, abdominoplasty with panniculectomy, and liposuction. Over the next six weeks, the surgical wound deterio­rated, developing necro­sis while the defendant plastic surgeon saw the patient, reassured her ...

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Hospital Must Produce Medical Record Metadata (access required)

A Newport News Circuit Court grants a med-mal plaintiff’s motion to enforce a subpoena duces tecum seeking plaintiff’s hospital medical records, including all audit trails and metadata; although the hospital prefers plaintiff review the records at a hos­pital terminal, the ...

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Failure to disclose state of woman’s gallbladder resulted in amputations – $1,800,000 Settlement (access required)

On Jan. 23, 2015 the pa­tient underwent a laparoscop­ic cholecystectomy performed by a general surgeon. After being discharged on Jan. 23, the surgeon did not disclose to the patient, nor to her family, nor did the surgeon note in his ...

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Surgeon removed both of plaintiff’s kidneys by mistake – $1,200,000 Settlement (access required)

In this case, both of plaintiff’s kid­neys were removed. The patient had a hydronephrotic left kidney secondary to a UPJ obstruction (blockage). He un­derwent a Nuclear Medicine (NM) Scan to estimate the func­tion of each kidney. Due to blockage, the ...

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Impact of steroid injections to toe joint was issue in case – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff pre­sented to the defen­dant podiatrist in July of 2009 with a traumatic injury to her right big toe joint after kicking a door jamb while running barefoot through her house. She had previ­ously been a patient of the ...

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Woman’s family claimed failure to diagnose infections – Defense Verdict (access required)

Janet Roberts, a 70-year-old wife and mother of four, developed a sacral decubitus ulcer at home, which required a hospital ad­mission and antibiotics for a positive wound culture. She was discharged to the defendant nursing home on April 26, 2011, ...

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