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Lawyer, once imprisoned, wins $5.75M award (access required)

After being convicted of abusing his own children, spending four years in prison before exoneration, and then battling with his lawyers for 10 years, Bruce McLaughlin may finally see compensation for his travails. A Fairfax County jury last month awarded ...

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Plaintiff recovers against former lawyer after med mal case dismissed – $4,000,000 Verdict (access required)

This was a legal malpractice lawsuit arising out of a medical malpractice claim. Plaintiff was an active and athletic 13-year-old when she was diagnosed with adolescent scoliosis. She sought treatment from Dr. Susan Atkins, a Richmond pediatric orthopedist, who ultimately ...

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Uterine scar rupture, kidney failure result of VBAC delivery – $4,000,000 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff, a 34-year-old mother, was scheduled for a repeat Caesarean section, but went into labor nine days early on Aug. 1, 2010.  Labor progressed quickly. She delivered a healthy baby girl vaginally, with no complications. After delivery, plaintiff complained ...

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Side airbag in Hyundai vehicle failed to deploy during accident – $14,140,000 Verdict (access required)

In February 2010, the 16-year-old plaintiff sustained a traumatic brain injury when the driver’s side airbag in his 2008 Hyundai Tiburon failed to deploy during an accident in which the car struck a tree. The injured teen’s parents, as guardians ...

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