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Municipal – Cell Phone Towers – Special Exception Permit (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court grants summary judgment to defendant county, whose denial of a wireless communication company’s application for a special exception permit to build a wireless telecommunications facility on the grounds of the Mount Vernon Masonic Lodge #219, ...

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County Administrator Pays for Defamation, But County Wins Contract Claim (access required)

A county administrator had only a qualified privilege in his report during a board of supervisors’ meeting that a former parks director allegedly “suppressed” information about the likelihood of flooding at the county museum, and because the administrator did not ...

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Water, water everywhere, and double rates are OK (access required)

With its approval of a town’s decision to double the rate it charges for water and sewer service that goes beyond the town’s borders, the Supreme Court of Virginia may have set the stage for legislators to revisit the issue ...

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Municipal – Water Surcharge – Non-Town Resident – Legislative Act (access required)

A town may impose a surcharge for water and sewer service extended to county residents outside the town, and the Supreme Court of Virginia reverses the circuit court’s contrary decision that struck down the 100 percent surcharge by the Town ...

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Reasonableness of water rates argued (access required)

An attorney for the Town of Leesburg acknowledged to the Supreme Court of Virginia yesterday that town council members had to have something more than their own opinion of the reasonableness of the surcharge the town placed on Loudoun County ...

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