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Municipal – Rental Inspection Districts – Landlords’ Challenge (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court rejects plaintiff landlords’ challenge to a local ordinance that created two rental inspection districts that encompassed all of Fairfax City, and holds that the ordinance was within the express power granted under the enabling statute and ...

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Municipal – Local Hauling Ordinance – Preemption (access required)

A city ordinance that has been applied to plaintiff railroad’s operation of an ethanol transloading facility for the transfer of bulk shipments of ethanol from railcars onto surface tank trucks, is preempted by the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act, the ...

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Municipal – Historic District Ordinance – Area Designation (access required)

A circuit court did not err in turning away landowners’ requests to have their parcels removed from the Windover Heights Historic District in Fairfax County, including one owner’s constitutional challenge to the general Historic Districts Ordinance, and the Supreme Court ...

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Inverse condemnation claim stems from storm water system – $217,000 Verdict (access required)

In March 2008, Judge David F. Pugh ruled that the property owner’s property had been taken and damaged when the City of Newport News accepted into its storm water management system a drainage system that created a flooding condition on ...

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Municipal – City Sidewalk – Slip & Fall – Tree Roots (access required)

A plaintiff who alleges improper maintenance of a city sidewalk and the city’s failure to respond to residents’ complaints about the uneven sidewalk adjacent to tree roots can try her case; a Norfolk Circuit Court says the pleadings do not ...

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