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Rear-End Collision Goes to Jury on Contrib (access required)

In plaintiff’s personal injury action against the driver of a semi-trailer truck that rear-ended her SUV on Interstate 81 in Frederick County, traveling during snow and freezing rain, the Harrisonburg U.S. District Court denies defendant’s motion for summary judgment alleging ...

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Driver was on ‘special errand’ for employer at time of wreck – $500,000 Settlement (access required)

Shortly after leaving work on his motor­cycle, plaintiff was struck by defendant’s late model luxury sedan. He suffered se­rious orthopedic injuries but enjoyed a good recovery. Defendant driver carried a liability policy worth less than the cost of his vehicle. ...

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Suit OK, retailer ‘notice’ a question for jury (access required)


A woman hurt when an electrical junction box cover fell from the roof of a Wal-Mart store in Staunton can press forward with her negligence suit against the retailer, a federal judge in Harrisonburg has ruled. The accident allegedly resulted ...

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