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Wrong label voids use of noncompete (access required)


Labeling an employee as an independent contractor – thereby avoiding taxes and other employer obligations – will void a noncompete agreement in the worker’s contract, a Fairfax circuit judge has ruled. Fairfax Circuit Judge John M. Tran said an educator’s ...

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Attorney departures are fraught with risk (access required)


Lawyer defections often come with hurt feelings, a sense of betrayed loyalty and bitter recriminations. They also come with ethical snares that can lead to distracting and costly litigation just when both sides need to get on with business. One ...

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Noncompete case settles for $1.8M (access required)

Closing the contract

In a suit alleging tortious interference and breach of contract by a former employee and his new employer, the lawyers reached a $1.8 million settlement before discovery even changed hands. IT product solutions reseller Govplace charged a former salesperson with secretly reaching a new employment agreement with competitor Universal Understanding and then diverting sales opportunities while still employed at Govplace, costing the company millions of dollars.

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Effort to bar noncompetes falls short

A bill that would outlaw Virginia noncompete agreements is dead in the House of Delegates. House Bill 1187, introduced by Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, would have banned contracts restricting former employees from engaging in any lawful profession, trade or business. ...

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