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Toddler suffered brain injury in fall from hotel balcony – $10,900,000 Settlement (access required)

The 2-year-old plaintiff was severely injured at a hotel when he fell through a second floor balcony railing landing head first on the pavement below. The balcony railing was missing a vertical bar, resulting in a 12-inch-wide opening. The plaintiff ...

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No ‘Comp bar” from Equipment Assembly (access required)

Although a rental company employee who delivered sanitation equipment to a job site spent several extra hours assembling the custom equipment, he is not a statutory employee of defendant construction company, and the Norfolk Circuit Court overrules defendant’s special plea ...

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No Collateral Estoppel on Firearm Charge (access required)

In defendant’s prosecution on firearm possession charges, the Norfolk Circuit Court denies defendant’s motions to estop the commonwealth from subsequent prosecution or from introducing evidence previously adjudicated during the trial in which defendant was acquitted of murder and use of ...

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Plaintiff May Amend for ‘Gross Negligence’ (access required)

In litigation arising from an officer’s automobile collision with another vehicle, the Norfolk Circuit Court will allow plaintiff to amend the complaint to allege gross negligence. Gross negligence means something more than lack of ordinary care. The court defines gross ...

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