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Plaintiff gets top end of high-low agreement – $50,000 Verdict (access required)

This case involved a rear-end collision in Norfolk. The plain­tiff was transported by ambulance and treated in the emer­gency room. She followed up with an orthopedic surgeon who referred her to physical therapy. Her physical thera­py lasted four weeks. The ...

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Virginia Spouse Can Get Divorce In Rem (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court denies a non-Virginia resident wife’s motion to dis­miss husband’s divorce complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction and improper ven­ue; Virginia law does not require the court to have personal jurisdiction over wife to grant husband an ...

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Patient Claims Podiatrist Acted as Psychiatrist (access required)

A woman who alleges she received treat­ment for physical and mental illness, in­cluding bipolar disorder, from the Hamp­ton-Newport News Community Services Board healthcare provider who represented that he was a psychiatrist, but who was a po­diatrist subject to disciplinary action ...

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Plaintiff Gets Accident Report, Personnel Records (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court says that under ei­ther the “bright line rule” or the “case-by-case test,” plaintiff estate is entitled to statements made by defendant driver on the morning of his fatal collision with decedent’s motor­cycle, to his employer’s claims ...

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Practice Sues Over Provider Network Fees (access required)

A medical practice providing laboratory di­agnostic services did not waive its right to sue defendant Anthem Health Plans for breach of contract for defendant’s implementation of a Phased-in Rates Amendment to the practice’s contract as part of a preferred-provider net­work, ...

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