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Prior Abuse Is Admissible ‘Bad Acts’ Evidence (access required)

At defendant’s trial for taking indecent liberties with his daughter, committed in Norfolk, the Norfolk Circuit Court will admit evidence that defendant committed similar, ongoing and escalating sexual assaults against her during the decade after they moved away from Norfolk, ...

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Agency Must Turn Over Police Records (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court grants The Virginian-Pilot newspaper’s petition for a writ of mandamus to require the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to provide law enforcement training records from a “T-REX” database maintained by CJS, as agreed to after ...

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Mother and daughter hurt in low-speed collision recoup ER bills – $2,500 Verdict; $2,500 Verdict (access required)

Defendant was stopped behind the plaintiff’s car at a red light on Newtown Road in Norfolk. When the light turned green, defendant released the brake of his 2007 Saturn and rolled forward, hitting the rear bumper of the plaintiff’s 2007 ...

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Husband in Contempt for Keeping Payments (access required)

A divorcing couple’s Stipulation Agreement provided they were to benefit equally from two marital properties, with distributions from one either being used to pay off mortgages on the other property, or divided equally between the spouses, and a Norfolk Circuit ...

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Cleaning Employee Has Negligent Supervision Claim (access required)

A contract cleaning employee who alleges he fell off his ladder after receiving an electric shock from exposed bare wires has stated claims for negligent supervision and for negligence based on defendant’s internal policies and procedures, but the Norfolk Circuit ...

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