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Jury awards amount of special damages in p.i. case – $19,010 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff was struck by a car on May 16, 2010, around 1:00 a.m. in the driveway of the defendant’s townhouse in Virginia Beach. The plaintiff and other friends and family members of the defendant were standing in front of ...

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Plaintiff who was hit by drunk driver gets compensatory, punitive damages – $45,215 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by defendant, who was driving with a .20 blood alcohol level. Plaintiff sought emergency room treatment for neck discomfort but was not X-rayed and no medication was given. The plaintiff next followed up with his primary ...

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Va. tractor-trailer driver injured during cargo delivery in Texas – $500,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff, a tractor-trailer driver from Virginia, was making a delivery of rolls of plastic film to a company located in Texas. The forklift operator that unloaded the delivery wanted to redistribute the cargo load in the back of the ...

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Plaintiff had considerable spinal problems prior to auto accident – $200,000 Settlement (access required)

On June 23, 2011, the plaintiff and the defendant were both driving northbound on I-85 in Petersburg. Traffic slowed down substantially, and the plaintiff claimed she came to a stop. The defendant, who was driving behind the plaintiff, was not ...

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Plaintiff suffered similar injuries in four prior accidents – $300 Verdict (access required)

The suit arose out of a rear-end collision that occurred on Oct. 5, 2011. Defendant admitted liability. Plaintiff claimed $6,699 in past medical bills, $392 in lost wages and $18,878 for future medical treatment. Plaintiff’s treating doctor related plaintiff’s treatment ...

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Three women injured in red-light rear-ender – $32,400 Verdict; $186,000 Verdict; $185,000 Settlement (access required)

The three plaintiffs were in a vehicle stopped at a red light at the intersection of Courthouse Road and Smoketree Drive in Chesterfield County. Defendant, traveling at more than 55 mph, rear-ended the plaintiffs’ vehicle without applying his brakes. Plaintiffs ...

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P.I. case settled for $10K more than liability coverage – $510,000 Settlement (access required)

This case stemmed from a collision on a two-lane rural road in Fluvanna County. Defendant van driver crossed double yellow line into the path of plaintiff’s motorcycle. Plaintiff attempted to avoid a collision, but made contact with the front left ...

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Punitives award of $100K reinstated (access required)


Two plaintiffs suffered minor injuries in an auto accident when their vehicle was struck by a drunken driver talking on a cellphone. A jury awarded plaintiff Victoria Coalson $5,600 and plaintiff Michael Stemke $14,000, and awarded each plaintiff punitive damages ...

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