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Pedicure leads to infection, then $1M verdict in Henrico (access required)


A Richmond woman who developed an infection in her legs after getting a pedicure won a verdict of just over a million dollars from a Richmond-area salon this month. Richmond lawyers James “Jamie” Kessel and Robert C.T. Reed represented Samantha ...

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Plaintiff claimed he could not return to work as longshoreman – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff longshoreman and defendant truck driver collided at a T-intersection on Norfolk International Terminal. Plaintiff was driving a yard hustler. Each vehicle was driving bobtail. The truck driver was turning left out of a chassis corral and hit plaintiff coming ...

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Plaintiff suffered continued numbness in leg after surgery – $150,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff presented to a neurosurgeon for a consultation regarding protracted lower left extremity pain. An MRI was ordered. The neurosurgeon recommended a decom­pression laminectomy, bilateral facetecto­mies and discectomy on both sides. Surgery was performed without ade­quate imaging to verify placement ...

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Couple injured when car turned in front of them – $445,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiffs are hus­band and wife who were involved in a high-impact colli­sion when the defen­dant, traveling the opposite direction from plaintiffs’ vehi­cle on two-lane Old Gordonsville Road in Orange County, made a left turn in front of them, striking their ...

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Worker awarded comp after falling off roof – $1.4 million award (access required)

The claimant was working in Harrison­burg at a construction site where a barn was being built. Claimant was working for a small construction company, Escobar Roofing Company, and it was his under­standing that he and two other individ­uals would travel ...

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Surviving passenger of auto accident settles with driver – $830,000 Settlement (access required)

The crash occurred late on Christmas Eve, 2012, on Route 716 in Halifax Coun­ty. Plaintiff and one other person were riding as passengers in the defendant’s truck. All three were best friends. Plain­tiff claimed that the defendant lost control of ...

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Woman injured hip in rear-ender – $240,514 Arbitration Award (access required)

This was a rear-end auto col­lision involving three vehicles. Liability was not contested. The issue involved damages and whether the medical bills and lost wages were caused by the accident. In that regard the main question was wheth­er the arthroscopic ...

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