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Redefining expert witness credibility for juries (access required)

Juries routinely dismiss expert testimony due to credibility problems, incomprehensibility, or simply because it is cancelled out by another expert’s testimony. This leads to a number of important questions for the attorney and the expert in presenting testimony at trial. ...

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Questions you should be asking your clients (access required)

In today’s economy, competition in the legal field is fierce. If you are not asking your clients about their growing business needs, it’s safe to assume that someone else is. There are many opportunities throughout the life cycle of a ...

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Foreign-language records: Every detail counts (access required)

In litigation, medical records can be a minefield of details. A nurse has scribbled an illegible note in the margin. A page from another patient’s file has slipped into the record. A key handwritten dosage isn’t clear. And when the ...

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Leading questions, plain words and control on cross-ex (access required)

Dean Wigmore stated that cross-examination is beyond doubt “the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of the truth.” But, truth is rarely what a skillful trial lawyer seeks to accomplish on cross-examination. Cross-examination is not only a truth-seeking ...

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Lawyers can help court reporters do their jobs better (access required)

Court reporters are the silent sentinels of the record. They are the invisible men and women tapping away during a court hearing or deposition. They transcribe the proceeding and fulfill a critical duty – creating a written record that can ...

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Tips from the pros on how to make the best record (access required)

The National Court Reporters Association has prepared teaching tools to help educate lawyers and law students on how to make the best record of legal proceedings. Below are some highlights from a course outline posted on the NCRA website. Know ...

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