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Tips for an effective and ethical negotiation (access required)

The role of business counsel is complex. The lawyer has to not only produce a legal and enforceable negotiated agreement, but also must try to get the best deal for clients while conducting the negotiation in a way that reflects ...

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Use the evidence to tell the jury a story (access required)

When presenting a case to a jury, there is a fine line an attorney must walk between showy theatricality and mind-numbing exposition of technical evidence. Be too entertaining and you lose credibility. Be too dry and jurors’ eyes roll back ...

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Give great client service (access required)

How do you measure client service? How can you avoid being replaced? There are no easy answers, since client service is measured in the eye of the beholder. Research based on 240 in-depth interviews with corporate counsel conducted by the ...

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Tips for better client retention (access required)

Though many lawyers work hard to expand their client base, keeping existing clients is critical to the success of a practice and can be much more efficient. “It takes at least 10 times the effort to get a new client ...

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To build business, try not writing like a lawyer (access required)

When it comes to writing for marketing and business-building, even the brightest of attorneys has to be reminded of the basics for effective communications: • Use short, complete sentences. • Choose active voice and action words. • Avoiding case citations ...

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Establishing ground rules to help jurors judge your case (access required)

Baseball has a strike zone and the infield fly rule. Football has clipping and onside kicks. Basketball has both personal and team fouls. And in the litigation arena there are pre-trial and in-limine rulings. Judges are the umpires and referees. ...

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