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Using social media as part of your trial preparation (access required)

For years now, jury researchers have been using the Internet to gauge public sentiment and investigate potential jurors. The media-fueled frenzy of the Casey Anthony trial opened new avenues for trial consultants to help lawyers craft their tactics, and experts ...

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Seven simple steps for picking better juries in short order (access required)

In 1936, Clarence Darrow wrote an article for Esquire entitled “How to Pick a Jury.” In the article, he said, “Choosing jurors is always a delicate task. The more a lawyer knows of life, human nature, psychology and the reactions ...

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How to pick and present trial experts (access required)

VIRGINIA BEACH–Everybody has an opinion, but the opinions that count most in court are likely to be expert opinions. Trial lawyers know there aren’t many cases nowadays that don’t involve experts, aside from the occasional case involving an adulterated product ...

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High court ‘rookie’ offers do’s and don’ts for lawyers (access required)

HOT SPRINGS—Lawyers appearing before the Supreme Court of Virginia only get 15 minutes of oral argument. So make sure your best and most persuasive arguments are clearly laid out in your briefs, said Justice William C. Mims. Mims celebrated exactly ...

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Practice tip: How to write like the big dogs

Ted Olson and David Boies are probably most famous for squaring off against each other in Bush v. Gore, the U.S. Supreme Court case that decided the 2000 election. Last year, they were on the same team in a lawsuit ...

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Appeals court has a surprise requirement: ‘bookmarked’ digital briefs must be filed (access required)

Say what? That’s what you might hear from a criminal defense lawyer who reads the Virginia Court of Appeals order granting his appeal, or the domestic relations lawyer who reads the appellate court’s acknowledgement that it has received the case ...

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