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Is the health care debate impacting jurors? (access required)

The national debate over health care covered a broad spectrum of topics and invited opinions from every citizen. And like any political issue, the debate will affect potential jurors, said Richard Gabriel, president of Decision Analysis, a jury consulting company ...

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The risks in opposing a pro se party (access required)

If you do any litigation, you have probably faced an unrepresented adverse party. According to statistics from the federal courts, 27 percent of all civil filings are by pro se litigants. In many state courts, the percentage is higher. Transactional ...

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Juror Feedback: Research after a verdict can educate counsel for next time (access required)

After the conclusion of a trial, lawyers often want to ask jurors a simple question: How did I do? The lawyer who lost the case may particularly want to know how the juror reached its conclusion and why, so she ...

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Appellate judges: Tying up loose ends after final decree (access required)

As Virginia’s high court delivered its new set of rules on April 30, two judges from the Virginia Court of Appeals were fleshing out appellate rules with some practical pointers for lawyers. Speaking to family law practitioners from around the ...

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Look for juror bias, select the right jury (access required)

A recent article in the journal “Science” demonstrated that people often make decisions without being consciously aware of their choices. Our research has shown a similar phenomenon among jurors. Some jurors make up their minds before the trial begins, without ...

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