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Negligence Per Se Claim Advances in Mold Case (access required)

In a family’s suit for damages from mold contamination due to water leakage in their military housing, defendants win summary judgment on plaintiffs’ claims except for their claim for negligence per se; the Norfolk U.S. District Court also denies defendant ...

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Office worker suffered neck and back injuries after elevator malfunction – $205,000 Settlement (access required)

A worker in an office building in Hampton Roads was injured by a malfunctioning elevator. The elevator twice stopped and started abruptly, trapping the plaintiff between floors before eventually opening. The exact nature of the event was hotly contested. The ...

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Woman tripped and fell on raised asphalt in restaurant parking lot – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was walking through a Chipotle parking lot toward the entrance when her foot “caught” on some raised asphalt that joined the curbing to the parking lot, causing her to fall. She landed on her outstretched hand and finger. There ...

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