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$42 million: Settlement reached in logging accident that hurt three, killed one (access required)

Fire heat atmosphere red - FEA

Victims of an explosion and fire at a Southside Virginia logging site in 2011 have settled product liability claims for a total of $42 mil­lion, lawyers report. Four workers suffered severe burns when welding machinery exploded in flames as the men ...

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Firearm accessory failed, plaintiff was shot in the wrist – $2,000,000 Settlement (access required)

The case involved a firearm accessory known as a verti­cal fore grip. The grip failed while being used by the plaintiff on a bull pup, pump-action shotgun, causing the plaintiff’s left arm (grip in hand) to slide beyond the end ...

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Justices hear products liability appeal (access required)

Furnaces Water Heaters FEA

A group of former Virginia Tech students who were poisoned by carbon monoxide from an over­worked water heater could get a second chance to recover from the manufacturer of the heater. The Supreme Court of Virginia is consid­ering whether a ...

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Boating accident leads to spoliation dispute over screws (access required)


A screw-up over a screw that may have been used in a boat’s gear shift mechanism threatened to complicate a trial over liability for a 2011 boating accident. A Norfolk judge denied defense motions to dismiss a $30-million lawsuit based ...

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Ball broke through protective screen, struck plaintiff’s face – $195,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff suffered a displaced right zygomatic fracture and non-displaced mandibular fracture when a baseball pitcher’s protective screen failed to protect him from a line drive baseball hit by a batter. After throwing approximately 20 pitches to his son, a ...

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Case With Med-Mal Claims Back in State Court (access required)

A plaintiff who alleges both medical malpractice and products liability claims in a physician’s off-label use of an FDA-approved medical device called Infuse® in plaintiff’s spinal fusion surgery can remand his suit back to state court, an Alexandria U.S. District ...

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Fire Origin Disputed in Plant Explosion Case (access required)

In this products liability and negligence action arising out of an explosion at an automotive ball-bearing plant in Blacksburg, the Roanoke U.S. District Court denies defendants’ second set of motions for summary judgment, filed on remand from the 4th Circuit. ...

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