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Broker, Appraiser Rejected as Experts (access required)

In this suit by petitioning landowners against defendant VEPCO, a Hanover County Circuit Court excludes as expert witnesses for petitioners a real estate broker and a real estate appraiser to support petitioners’ claims about the impact of having high-voltage transmission ...

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No Injunction for Stormwater Diversion (access required)

An Albemarle County Circuit Court denies a permanent injunction to plaintiff investment partnership in its action alleging nuisance and trespass claims arising from diversion of stormwater onto plaintiffs’ property from a stormwater management system that includes a 72-inch pipe; given ...

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Recusal Not Required, But Judge Transfers Case (access required)

In plaintiff power company’s suit alleging defendant owners of shorefront property in Franklin County are building a dock that violates plaintiff’s property rights, the Roanoke U.S. District Court denies defendants’ motion seeking the court’s recusal, but exercises its discretion to ...

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