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‘Consideration’ Defense Waived in Rent Dispute (access required)

In this dispute over payment of an alleged rent increase, defendant had ample opportunity to raise a defense of partial want of consideration, and the Norfolk Circuit Court says the defense has been waived and enters judgment for plaintiff on ...

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Economic Loss Rule Bars Foreclosure Fraud Claim (access required)

Plaintiff borrowers who claim defendants, Fannie Mae and a mortgage loan servicer, did not comply with the mortgage modification agreement plaintiffs executed under the Home Affordable Modification Program lose their suit in the Richmond U.S. District Court for fraud and ...

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Face Time Required Before Foreclosure (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court accepts a magistrate judge’s recommendation to allow plaintiff homeowner to proceed with her breach of contract claim alleging defendant failed to conduct a face-to-face interview prior to foreclosing on her property; the court rejects defendant’s ...

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