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Mortgage Indemnity Suit Not Time-Barred (access required)

In plaintiff SunTrust Mortgage’s suit seeking indemnification on five home mortgage loans purchased from defendant Key Mortgage, the Richmond U.S. District Court denies defendant’s motion asserting the SunTrust suit is time-barred under the parties’ governing Loan Purchase Agreement (LPA). The ...

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Banks Wins on Fraud, Emotional Distress Claims (access required)

A borrower who defaulted on her mortgage loans has her suit against multiple lenders and related parties dismissed by the Alexandria U.S. District Court, including the borrower’s claim that defendant lender’s pursuit of a “dual track” system of negotiating loan ...

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Reduced Access Not ‘Taking’ for Antique Shop (access required)

Although a city’s public works project closed streets near petitioners’ antique shop and inconvenienced petitioners and their customers, petitioners retained a common law right of access via the sidewalk in front of their shop and the inconvenience was attributable to ...

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