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HOA exceeded authority by destroying owner’s improvements – $77,344 Verdict (access required)

A homeowners’ association alleged that a property owner violated restrictive covenants, and took action by tearing out the property owner’s improvements with a trackhoe. The court ruled that the homeowners’ association exceeded its authority under the restrictive covenants and the ...

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Homeowners Association Can’t Recover Tree Removal Cost (access required)

In a homeowners association’s suit to recover expenses for removal of a tree that fell from a common area onto a homeowner’s condominium, a Richmond Circuit Court denies recovery of $800 for removal of the tree, but awards plaintiff the ...

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A revolution for real estate apps? (access required)

Some industries are more geared for mobile applications than others. Construction, for example, benefits greatly from the flexibility that apps provide, but professions like accounting or human resources don’t have much need to be mobile. Real estate falls into the ...

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