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Trump still in court in effort to buy Kluge home

A bank’s effort to move Donald Trump from the head of line for buyers of the Kluge mansion in Albemarle County remains alive in federal court. U.S. District Judge Norman Moon denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the suit filed by ...

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Implied Covenant Protects Defaulting Borrower (access required)

The Richmond U.S. District Court denies lenders’ motion to dismiss borrower’s complaint alleging breach of contract, equitable estoppel and constructive fraud in connection with the foreclosure sale of his home; the court says borrower stated a claim as to breach ...

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Slander of Title Claim Barred After Two Years (access required)

In this first-impression case, a Fairfax Circuit Court applies a two-year statute of limitations to a claim for slander of title and dismisses as time-barred a woman’s claim against Wells Fargo based on her husband’s alleged forgery of her signature ...

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No Contract from Lender’s Letter, Phone Call (access required)

Although plaintiff alleges defendant promised in a letter not to accelerate a note on plaintiff’s property until after a certain date, and in a telephone conversation not to foreclose if plaintiff applied for a short sale, the Hanover Circuit Court ...

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Marketing your home to rent it (access required)

In today’s real estate market many home sellers who must move are facing some tough choices. They can take a lower price for their property in the hope that it will sell sooner than later, they can wait in the ...

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It’s actually a good time to buy commercial property (access required)

“Act now before it is too late” is a recognized marketing tactic used by sellers of consumer and business goods as a way to create a sense of urgency in the minds of potential buyers. This fear of the negative ...

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