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Claim Form Admissible at FELA Trial (access required)

In a railroad worker’s suit under the Federal Employers Liability Act, a Richmond Circuit Court denies plaintiff’s motion in limine to prevent defendant railroad from introducing into evidence statements made by plaintiff’s treating physician in a “Supplemental Disability Claim Form.” ...

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Litigation pitfalls and pratfalls (access required)

Lawyers can find plenty of ways to stay out of a courtroom. Instead of the hand-to-hand combat of a trial before judge or jury, they can opt for some form of alternative dispute resolution. But the lure of the courtroom ...

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Woman sprains ankle in grocery store parking lot trip & fall – Defense verdict (access required)

Plaintiff alleged she tripped and fell over a curb stop in a Ukrop’s parking lot. She claimed that the curb stop was a hazard, namely that she could not see the curb stop because the lighting levels were low and ...

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Railing collapsed, man fell from third floor landing – $1,850,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff was visiting a friend at a Richmond apartment complex when he was injured after falling from the 3rd floor common area. The plaintiff was leaning against the wooden guardrail smoking a cigarette when the railing collapsed, causing him ...

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Reponses ‘Deemed Admitted’ in Discovery Dispute (access required)

A Richmond Circuit Court says certain allegations will be “deemed admitted” under Rules of Court because defendant’s discovery responses stated an attached exhibit of medical record “speaks for itself.” In this medical malpractice case, plaintiff’s complaint references 20 attached exhibits ...

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‘Interested’ Trustees May Not Terminate Trust (access required)

Co-trustees may not terminate a trust due to “defendant’s persistent and repeated requests for documentation and accountings” by the trustees, says a Richmond Circuit Court. Plaintiffs allege these persistent requests cost the trust unnecessary time and expense, including legal fees. ...

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