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Moped hit at intersection after passing car on right – Defense Verdict (access required)

This accident occurred at the intersection of two roads, each only one lane in each direction divided by a double yellow line. Plaintiff and defendant were approaching the intersection from opposite directions. Defendant was stopped at the green light, waiting ...

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TMBI, PTSD allegations challenged in NoVa wreck – $600,000 Settlement (access required)

While traveling approximately 55 mph on Interstate 495 South in Northern Virginia, the defendant veered sharply to the right across three lanes of traffic and struck the plaintiff in the off-ramp for I-95 South. The collision resulted in several impacts ...

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Contaminated Infant Formula Not Covered by Policies (access required)

An infant formula manufacturer that had to destroy $6 million worth of formula contaminated by melamine and disintegrated filter components does not have insurance coverage for the loss under the pollution/contaminant endorsements in three policies, but only has coverage for ...

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U-turn by on-duty officer causes traffic crash – $395,000 Settlement (access required)

An on-duty Richmond police officer made an illegal U-turn into the plaintiff’s vehicle. Investigation disclosed the officer was not in “hot pursuit,” so the city ultimately agreed to settle the claim. The case was complicated by the plaintiff’s pre-existing cervical ...

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Talking on cell phone causes intersection crash – $1,225,000 Arbitration Award (access required)

On May 27, 2008, the plaintiff was traveling in a westerly direction on Bellevue Avenue and stopped at the intersection with Brook Road in the City of Richmond. The defendant was traveling east on Bellevue Avenue. The plaintiff’s light turned ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support Reduction – Material Change (access required)

A wife can earn only $ 12,400 annually and not the $22,000 income imputed to her in a 1992 spousal support order, but she can make penalty-free withdrawals from her IRA, and the trial court grants husband’s request to modify ...

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