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Court Orders Constructive Trust for Stepsons (access required)

In two adult sons’ suit against their stepmother as third-party beneficiaries of their parents’ post-nuptial agreement, a Roanoke County Circuit Court says the sons are entitled to only 50 percent of their father’s life insurance proceeds, and the court imposes ...

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Roanoke’s no cell-phone policy defended by judges (access required)

ROANOKE — Despite barrels of ink and megabytes of bandwidth devoted to the effect of new technology on attorneys and courts, the subject remains a hot topic whenever lawyers and judges get together. At a recent Roanoke bench-bar meeting, participants ...

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Medical Examiner Can’t Testify by Videoconference (access required)

A Roanoke City Circuit Court denies the commonwealth’s request to use two-way videoconferencing technology at defendant’s homicide trial to present testimony of the medical examiner who performed the autopsy; the court’s 10-page opinion surveys the legal framework for use of ...

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Domestic Relations – Equitable Distribution – Business Valuation – Goodwill (access required)

Wife is sole owner and employee of her business as a specialized registered nurse who assists workers’ comp claimants in their return to work, and a Roanoke County Circuit Court values the business at $347,000, not the $490,000 figure offered ...

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Domestic Relations – Appeals – Mandate – Child Support Order (access required)

The appellate court remanded this divorce case in 2008 solely for a recalculation of child support; a Roanoke City Circuit Court says the parties were not entitled to reopen the whole divorce case, and orders unrelated to the child support ...

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