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Detention After Traffic Stop Was ‘Reasonable’ (access required)

A police officer who stopped defendant for a suspected fraudulent inspection sticker and illegal window tint, and who observed five, strongly scented air fresh­eners inside the car, and who, within min­utes, confirmed that the vehicle did not belong to the ...

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Evidence Inadequate for ‘Inventory Search’ Policy (access required)

Although an officer had authority to impound defendant’s vehicle which had stopped in a lane of traffic, the common­wealth introduced no evidence of the local policy on vehicle inventory searches the of­ficer claimed to be implementing, and the presumption that ...

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License Suspension Admission Supported Arrest (access required)

Although an officer told defendant during a traffic stop that he “wasn’t overly concerned” with defendant’s suspended license, but would like to search defendant’s vehicle for weapons and narcotics, the Court of Appeals upholds the search; the officer had probable ...

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