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No Privacy Act Violation in Seizure of Photos & Cameras (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court says a plaintiff who generally identifies herself as a photojournalist cannot sue the government for its seizure of her photographs and cameras, as a violation of her rights under the Privacy Protection Act, as the ...

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No Fourth Amendment Violation from Affidavit, Search Delay (access required)

An affidavit prepared by an experienced narcotics detective with information from observations and a reliable informant, who heard the place referred to as a “Dope House,” supported issuance of a warrant, and the 13-day delay in execution of the warrant ...

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No Damage Claim for Mine Inspections (access required)

A Lynchburg U.S. District Court declines to reconsider its earlier decision that a slate mining company can’t recover damages from Virginia’s mine safety agency for alleged warrantless administrative searches. Earlier, the court held that, although the authorizing state statute allows ...

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