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‘Social media’ instructions updated for federal juries

Model jury instructions for federal courts have been beefed up in an effort to deter jurors’ use of social media during trial, according to the U.S. Judicial Conference. The new guidelines spell out in more detail the consequences for jurors ...

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How to stay ethical on social media

Remember that the new rules are the old rules when you’re blogging, tweeting or posting on Facebook. Watch what you say about pending cases and your clients. Don’t solicit business and don’t forget the rules on recommendations. If you’re a ...

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Allways prufrede, Twitter edition

Twitter allows you to share your life, 140 characters at a time. If you haven’t joined the social media service yet, take heart that there are tweeters on there who are waay behind you. BuzzFeed, which calls itself the purveyor ...

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Maryland, protector of passwords

That headline may not be the catchiest of state nicknames, but it’s accurate. The Maryland legislature has passed a bill that makes the Free State the first jurisdiction to prohibit employers from asking for the social media user names and ...

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