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Punitives award of $100K reinstated (access required)


Two plaintiffs suffered minor injuries in an auto accident when their vehicle was struck by a drunken driver talking on a cellphone. A jury awarded plaintiff Victoria Coalson $5,600 and plaintiff Michael Stemke $14,000, and awarded each plaintiff punitive damages ...

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Fairfax was wrong forum for defamation case (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court should have granted a Hong Kong-based businessman’s motion to dismiss a defamation suit under a statute that allows dismissal of suits brought by non-residents of Virginia. A split Supreme Court of Virginia said in Hotung v. ...

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Supreme Court pushes ‘Hernandez’ envelope (access required)

Supreme Court

In a new decision on a highly charged issue, the Supreme Court of Virginia has taken a broad view of a trial judge’s inherent authority to consider different outcomes for those who plead guilty to criminal charges. The high court ...

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Oyster operations scuttled by high court (access required)

Oysters have no backbone and oyster farming can’t count as farming for a York County resident who grew his own among his neighbors. A York County Circuit Court upheld two landowners’ right to cultivate a homegrown product, but the Supreme Court ...

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Court, bar leaders hope study will leverage judgeship money (access required)


Some lawyer legislators may be skeptical about details, but the new study of Virginia trial judges’ workloads is being hailed as solid evidence the state needs more budget money to put judges in courtrooms around the state. Reaction to the ...

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Judicial balancing act: Weighted case study calls for shifts (access required)

Seesaw adjusted text

A just completed study of Virginia trial judges’ workloads calls for 30 additional judgeships that could cost the state around $9 million a year. The study recommends a balancing among jurisdictions, with more judgeships in some areas and fewer in ...

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