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GMU Gun Regulation Is Constitutional (access required)

A regulation that prohibits carrying a firearm in George Mason University’s academic buildings, administrative offices, student residences and dining facilities, or while attending sporting, entertainment and educational events, does not violate the Constitution of Virginia or the U.S. Constitution, the ...

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Key Position Means Driver Was ‘Operating’ Vehicle (access required)

A defendant discovered passed-out behind the wheel of a vehicle, with the key in the ignition turned to the “on” or “accessory” position, was “operating” the vehicle under Virginia law, and the Supreme Court of Virginia affirms his conviction of ...

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County Administrator Pays for Defamation, But County Wins Contract Claim (access required)

A county administrator had only a qualified privilege in his report during a board of supervisors’ meeting that a former parks director allegedly “suppressed” information about the likelihood of flooding at the county museum, and because the administrator did not ...

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