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Civil Procedure – Dead Man’s Statute – Delivery Nurse Testimony – Shoulder Dystocia (access required)

A delivery room nurse could testify for plaintiff at a med-mal trial in which plaintiff sued the now-deceased physician who had supervised delivery of an infant who suffered from shoulder dystocia leading to Erb’s palsy; the Supreme Court of Virginia ...

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Criminal – Brady Claim – Exculpatory Evidence – Paid CI – Drug Buys (access required)

A defendant charged with drug distribution could have used information about a confidential informant’s lies about drug buys to undermine the investigation that led to defendant’s prosecution, and the Supreme Court of Virginia says defendant is entitled to a new ...

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Criminal – Animal Cruelty – Neglect – Equine Medical Treatment (access required)

The owner of a farm for homeless horses who failed to get emergency veterinary treatment for a horse that was emaciated and dehydrated, and that had been down for two days, can be misdemeanor animal cruelty conviction, the Supreme Court ...

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Juror privacy rule advances

The Virginia Judicial Council recommended yesterday the adoption of a rule on juror privacy that leaves the matter largely to the discretion of the trial judge rather than having jurors in criminal cases identified only by number as a matter ...

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