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Real Estate – Easement – Right of Way – Railroad – Abandonment (access required)

A 1909 agreement and deed conveyed a fee simple interest and not just a right of way to Norfolk & Western Railway Company, the Supreme Court of Virginia rules in affirming the lower court’s rejection of a property owner’s claim ...

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Real Estate – Easement – Injunctive Relief – Chain-Link Fence (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia rules that a 60-foot wide ingress and egress easement must be interpreted by its terms and reverses a lower court ruling that denied injunctive relief because the essential purpose of the easement had been met. ...

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Wills & Trusts – Life Estate – Future Interests – Conditions (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia holds that the “early-vesting” rule of will construction establishes the date at which monetary payments are required by a will, so the payments are conditions subsequent rather than conditions precedent. Testator devised a life estate ...

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Sleepover liability case settles for $1.75 million

A Henrico County judge has approved a $1.75-million settlement in the controversial case involving the death of a teenage girl during a visit with a friend. The money comes from the homeowners’ insurance carrier for parents of the victim’s friend. ...

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Who to sue? Who’s doing the suing?

Today’s crop of 18 opinions from the Supreme Court of Virginia brings additional evidence that lawyers still struggle to follow the rules about proper parties in civil actions. In Johnson v. Hart, the beneficiary of a will was dissatisfied with ...

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