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Roundtable: Cybersecurity

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Virginia Lawyers Weekly held a roundtable on Aug. 30 on cybersecurity, sponsored by the Fairfax law firm of Berenzweig Leonard. The participants included a lawyer, a risk assessment manager, an insurance specialist, a cybersecurity strategist and a public relations professional. ...

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Three bad tech habits that your law firm needs to break (access required)

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During a lifetime, most people develop less-than-ideal habits that can be detrimental to wellness and maybe even financial health. But when it’s an enterprise or law firm that’s putting those habits into place, it can impact every aspect of operations, ...

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Tracking child-related costs? There’s an app for that (access required)

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The cost of raising children includes many ex­penses beyond the day-to-day, from summer camp tuition to medical bills to algebra tutors. But between divorcing parents, disputes over incidental costs that fall outside regular child support responsibilities can escalate quickly. An ...

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The downside of anti-theft tracking software (access required)

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Imagine walking into your office one morning and discovering that overnight some of your office equipment had been stolen, in­cluding a laptop. In this scenario, you had installed anti-theft soft­ware on the laptop. Immediate­ly upon realizing the laptop was missing, ...

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Tech check: Not all blogs are created equal (access required)

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When done right, a blog can be a living, detailed entity that rep­resents you to the world. When done wrong, a blog can be a chore, an unwelcome expense that produces little return on your effort, or even an ethical ...

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The pros and cons of technology in the travel industry (access required)

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Bigger, stronger, faster. You may remember the television show “The Six Million Dollar Man”? Think how much technology has changed. Take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember dial-up Internet? The advances in mobile devices are staggering. There are ...

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Software licensing and your law firm (access required)

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How many software licenses does your firm have? Let’s start with the easy ones: Microsoft Windows for the PC-based computers in your organization, and iOS for the Apple products you own. Then we add the ap­plications, like Microsoft Word and ...

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Yes, your practice is going to change — so be ready (Part 2) (access required)

Wearable tech (2)

The perception of legal service delivery is in constant flux. In my Dec. 7 column, I pointed to legal service apps and nonprofit law firms as two quickly emerging factors that are reshaping the landscape for practicing attorneys. Now I ...

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