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Tips for maximizing your privacy on Facebook (access required)

Set your posts to “Friends Only” Each time you post a status update or add a photo/video to Facebook, you can control who has permission to see it. A pull-down menu lets you choose if your posts are “Public” (anyone ...

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Tips on guest blogging (access required)

Guest blogging is a good way for small firm and solo lawyers to show their expertise and market their firm at the same time. While it helps to already have your own established blog, lawyers who don’t have time to ...

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CRM: Tools to manage current clients and drum up business (access required)

Customer relationship management software can help attorneys manage clients, calendars, tasks and more, either in one application or a suite of applications. Here are some examples that can help you drum up new business, manage your current client base and ...

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The next dimension: Radford judge, jury see medical evidence in 3-D (access required)

A technology more commonly found in movie theaters made its way into a Radford courtroom last month. A judge and jury put on 3-D glasses in court to view in-depth, three-dimensional depictions of the inside of a patient’s spinal canal. ...

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Tablet computers: The pros and cons (access required)

Tablet computers are changing how the mobile workforce does business. With the seemingly endless applications for tablets, the question remains: Will they really benefit your business? According to a recent Gartner study, by 2013, 80 percent of businesses will support ...

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Technology threatens U.S. Postal Service (access required)

Your Saturday morning chat with the mailman may be a thing of the past if President Obama’s proposal to take U.S. Postal Service delivery to five days a week gains traction. Part of the president’s growth and debt reduction plan ...

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