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Security needed in an office with a BYOD habit (access required)


If left to their own devices to perform work for your firm, attorneys and staff could get you in a heap of trouble. That’s because of something known as BYOD. BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” such as a ...

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Legal tech in 2015: All about efficiency (access required)


The International Legal Technology Association conference in Las Vegas, or ILTACON, is described on the conference website as “a four-day educational conference that draws on the personal and collective strengths of professionals working in technology within law firms and legal ...

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Wearable tech data may become evidence (access required)

Wearable tech

When I first started writing about the importance of social media to lawyers in the mid-2000s, it was an uphill battle to convince lawyers that social media should matter to them. It wasn’t until social media began cropping up in ...

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Cloud a better option than in-house services (access required)

Cloud computing

Cloud computing offers many benefits for firms that need data storage and information services and functions that would be difficult, and expensive, to provide in-house, technology experts say. It does “lower the barrier to entry for firms on a leaner ...

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Tech Toolkit: 3 top security issues your firm needs to address (access required)

Technology security

Numerous technology tools can help to lock down systems, including software and hardware controls as well as mobile-specific products. But even with all that firepower, security breaches are still common, and some experts believe that every company has already been ...

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Electronic data protection: The how-to’s (access required)


You know you need to do it, but how? Law firms are rife with data and files, and they must be protected. That’s a given. The specifics, however, often elude lawyers. All files and data should be part of a ...

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